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and when you teach me new things, and hold me close, and laugh at all my dumb jokes. When you hold my head on your chest like youre scared to let go and when I smell like you after you’ve walked me home.

I have self esteem issues just like most, but the more I get to know the girls I work with I realize I dont even know what self esteem issues are. I need to elaborate: These girls are standard beauties, they are girls I used to be jealous of in high school, girls I wouldnt associate myself with because I was too intimidated. We were all talking about oral sex at one point and 2 of them were saying how they didnt like it because they were to self conscious. Not that size matters, but these girls have nothing to worry about in my opinion size 2-4 no belly fat or anything. It made me start to think: this is not the first time ive heard them discuss things about being too self conscious to do this or that. I am happy. I am not in love with my body but I love it enough to not let it hold me back. I wish my stomach was flat, I wish my legs and arms didnt jiggle and I wish I didnt have stretch marks, and I wish I had a pant size that wasnt twice the size of these girls. (Im an 8) I have an average looking face. Im not ugly by any means but to be stunning would be nice. Who doesnt think these things? I am happy enough with myself that I am not afraid to where a bikini, thats the bathing suit im most comfortable in. I am not afraid to wear tight clothes, because they make me feel sexy. I am not afraid to let a sexy guy enjoy me because I know if he didnt want to, he wouldnt be trying to. :) I wish I could be some help to all these girls I work with. I want them to know that they are BEAUTIFUL. That their looks are amazing but thats not even what matters. Their beings are beautiful, that each of them has made me laugh, made me think and has helped me in some way by just being themselves. No one is perfect at all. Imperfections are what make the freakin world go round, they make life interesting. People are supposed to be messy works of art that only a handful of people can truly appreciate. If everyone thought of me as the mona lisa I would lose my spark, I would lose my confidence. I would try to be the mona lisa-est mona lisa ever. Does that even make sense? I love when I meet a person who truly appreciates me and I especially love meeting someone I truly see and appreciate. There is this other girl at work and I appreciate her. She is a strong individual even if she doesnt see it yet. Shes made for something incredible. I know that she is going through her own little version of hell right now but when it ends I believe she will be a force to reckon with. I hope I get to witness it. These girls help me project the confidence I know I have because I want them to be self assured. Its amazing how we can absorb qualities from people and bounce off each other feelings, emotions, beliefs, everything. I hope my vibes are getting through to them or anyone really. Put good out put good in. 

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Burberry Brit Rhythm 2014 Fragrance Campaign

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